Star Product Spotlight - The Secret of VALLEY APRIL's White Orchid Perfume

Star Product Spotlight - The Secret of VALLEY APRIL's White Orchid Perfume

VALLEY APRIL's White Orchid Perfume is one of the brand's most acclaimed star products. Orchids, with their elegant and captivating qualities, have always been favored in perfumery.

However, perfume manufacturers have long faced a challenge: the vast difference in scent between fresh orchid blooms and when they wither, making it difficult to perfectly capture their original aroma during extraction.

Fortunately, VALLEY APRIL's perfumers stumbled upon a solution in 2020: sandalwood molecules can effectively capture the scent of orchids. They experimented with using sandalwood solvent to extract orchids, maximizing the preservation of their unique fragrance. The new version of White Orchid Perfume has been adjusted to increase the freshness of its floral scent by 35%, resulting in a more pure and natural aroma.

This White Orchid Perfume features top, middle, and base notes.

The top notes include orchid, orchid leaves, jasmine, magnolia, gardenia, sage, grape, and orange blossom, creating a fresh and sweet aroma.

The middle notes blend orchid, grapefruit, apple, and green leaves, adding a hint of freshness and fruitiness.

The base notes primarily consist of sandalwood and oolong tea, imparting a warm sensation and ensuring a lasting and enchanting overall fragrance.

Whether worn daily or for special occasions, VALLEY APRIL's White Orchid Perfume offers a pure and captivating floral experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beautiful world of orchids.

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