The world needs a dose of optimism - 'You Can't Take It with You'

The world needs a dose of optimism - 'You Can't Take It with You'


The film "You Can't Take It with You" is adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway play. It is an American comedy film released in 1938, and won the Academy Award for Best Picture the following year.

The story revolves around two drastically different young couples, Jean Arthur and James Stewart, and their respective families.

Jean's family is warm and accepting, they pursue their own dreams and enjoy the pleasures of life; while James's family is a typical upper-class household, emphasizing wealth and social status.

The contrast between the two families made me ponder, whether life is about pursuing material pleasures or inner contentment and happiness?


During the Great Depression of the 1930s, people lacked not only happiness but also consolation and relief. "You Can't Take It with You" provides exactly that. The film advocates abandoning the obsession with wealth and pursuing true happiness, serving as a heartwarming reminder to the society during the depression era. Perhaps when people realize that both money and power are unreliable, they are willing to turn their heads to cherish the human heart.


Our website's name "You Can't Bring It With You" is inspired by this film. Just like the movie portrays, life is not just about material wealth and status, but more about inner fulfillment and happiness.

Whether you're seeking inspiration, looking to share life insights, or hoping to find some enjoyable content, we hope to provide you with help and inspiration. Through our website, let's explore the mysteries of life together and pursue inner fulfillment and happiness!

Welcome to the "You Can't Bring It With You" website, where we share the beauty, warmth, and humor of life together!

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