Car Penis shape Valve Stem Cap

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Product name: Tire cap
Unit: 4Pcs
Material: TPR
Size: 4.1*3 cm/1.61*1.18 inch
Installation method: No punching
Color: Green/Orange
Applicable scene: car, truck, bike, motorcycle, etc.

About the product:
1. Screws right on the tire cap. Great for pranking. Doesn't affect tire balance. Works on many different tires (car, truck, bike, motorcycle, etc.).
2. Sure, you could always send someone a glitter bomb in the mail to get even with someone or just to prank them for no reason. But if you're looking for something a little more subtle, and something that may take a little while for them to notice, these brilliant new prank tire cap might be for you. They're shaped like little wieners and balls, and yes they glow in the dark so everyone will see them when your prank victim is driving and parked at night.

Package Include:
4 Pcs * Tire cap