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Cartoon Game Super Mario Water Cup

Cartoon Game Super Mario Water Cup

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Know Before You Buy
Due to process problems and high-temperature firing processes, ceramic products occasionally have some fine porcelain, small black spots, small holes, etc. This is a normal phenomenon, not a quality problem, and does not affect the overall appearance and use of the product.

The use and maintenance of ceramics
--1--. It is recommended to wash by hand or choose a dishwasher with "ceramic and crystal" washing function.
--2--, try to wipe with a soft cloth to avoid damaging the qualification.
--3--, clean at a proper temperature, avoid alternating hot and cold.
--4--. Do not directly stack and store to prevent chipping
--5--. Do not soak in dirty water for a long time and expose to strong light directly, and clean and dry in time.
--6--. For health reasons, please do not place acidic substances in beautifully decorated porcelain for a long time.


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