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April Valley

Vibrant Raspberry Perfume 15ML

Vibrant Raspberry Perfume 15ML

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Note: Fruity notes

Top note: yellow raspberry, lemon
Middle note: plum, wild strawberry
Base note: cedar, musk, orchid

Raspberry is a very common wild fruit in Yunnan, China and has a very rich flavor.
Raspberry fragrances capture the juicy and mouthwatering scent of ripe raspberries, evoking the feeling of indulgence and delight. Raspberry's scent is vibrant and uplifting, with a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.

Raspberry fragrances are loved for their playful and joyful qualities, making them a popular choice for perfumes, body mists, and scented products.
Embrace the delectable and cheerful scent of raspberry fragrances for a delightful and joyful sensory experience that will leave you feeling happy and invigorated.

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VALLEY APRIL is a unique Chinese niche perfume brand, created by a perfumer from Yunnan Province.
The product design is full of "Oriental" color and charm, which is extracted by ancient methods, the essence of the beautiful flowers of the East.


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